How to Efficiently Use Patches on Clothes and other Garments

Do you want to make your clothes look more stylish and functional? Patches can help you achieve the exact design you want for your pants, shirts, jackets and even caps. The simple method of patching makes it a popular activity for the hobbyists and designers. Whether you’re doing it for personal or business needs, beautifully designed patch items can make your output more creative and useful.

Wearing your favorite outfits on a regular basis can cause them to disintegrate and fade. Most of the time, the clothes that we are comfortable using are hard to dispose of. So people try some ways to fix them in order to wear them just like new again. The holes and rip offs in the garments are actually easy to mend if you use high quality patches that match your fabric. However, if you are new to this process, there are professional guides to help you cover up the holes and other problematic areas.

What are the Patch Application Basics?

However, this method may not quickly fix your nice clothes, but it is ideal for mending casual outfits. You can even use it to add some screen-printed patch designs on t-shirts, pair of jeans and casual shorts. Some people enjoy their patched up shorts since these appear to be more fashionable than the usual styles. The following are the basic steps you can follow to achieve the ideal patch style you want:


1. Gather necessary supplies –

Basically, you will need the garment you will patch up, patch fabric, double sided fusible interfacing, iron, towel, ironing board, sewing machine, needle, thread, and a pair of scissors. To get the right patch fabric, check the clothing and compare it. It is best to use matching patches and fabric to be patched up for the perfect output.

2. Check your measurements before cutting –

Before you patch the hole, you need to find the damaged area and measure it. That way, you will know how big the patch you should use. Rectangular styles are easier to apply, but it is still important to ensure the sizing for the best outcome. For uneven edges, trim the cloth to guarantee a smooth-sailing patching process.

3. Apply iron-on patch –

This is actually the easiest part. You do not need to be a professional sewer in order to do this. All you need is a little effort and creativity to finish the patchwork you have started. Of course, you need to follow the measurements to create an ideal patch. Be careful when using the iron. Let the patch cool first before peeling it off.


4. Stitch the patch –

After ironing the patch on the garment, you can now stitch it around the patched area without worrying that the fabric will misalign and stretch. However, if you own a sewing machine at home, you can simply use it for more accurate stitching. By putting some zigzag stitch, you can keep the patch from slipping out or fraying.

5. Patching up is done –

You will see the finished output of your patchwork. Your clothing now has more color and stylish appearance unlike it was before.

Level Up your Patchwork Experience with Quality Patch Designs

You can get creative with your personalized clothing patch items without the sweat. Hobbyists, in fact, enjoy this work since it offers an opportunity to redecorate garments effortlessly. So why patch? The answer is really easy. Because you want to keep your ripped off clothes and stay comfortable wearing them. If you want to make your favorite outfits more fashionable in a unique way, then this is the ultimate solution you need. In fact, there are lots of patch makers that provide beautiful and practical designs.

By applying patches on your clothes, you also save time and money from buying new clothes. It is not only practical, but you will also enjoy to patch garments based on your unique style. If you want to be more creative in your patching skills, you can check out the site and see more designs to meet your specific requirements. You can even place an order online for your ideal patch designs and start making your clothes more valuable. What are you waiting for? Try these designs and see how you can improve the look of your daily outfits.