The Clubs and Discount Golf Clubs

In this article, description of the various golf clubs and their uses will be given attention. Likewise, discount golf clubs from will also be covered.

The objective of the sport of golf is to sink the golf ball into a hole in fewer strokes, as much as possible, fewer than the regulation number of strokes, or the par strokes. Getting that ball into the hole is possible with the help of high quality golf clubs. Golf clubs may be acquired at leading sports stores but expect them to be available at more expensive prices. The good news is that rockbottomgolf is now around to provide high quality and durable discount golf clubs to suit your needs.

The standard golf club set consists of fourteen different clubs. The set includes wooden clubs, iron clubs, wedges and a putter. The clubs vary in lofts or angles and in their uses. Wood and iron golf clubs are numbered according to their angles. Lower numbered wood or iron clubs are used for long distance strokes and the reverse for higher numbered clubs.

The wood

Wooden Golf ClubsThe first strokes in every hole are usually done by using wooden clubs. An estimate of the distance from the tee determines the most appropriate wooden club that you can use. However, there are distances from the tee to the fairways that are not that long to use wooden clubs. An example of this is a three-par whole, where iron clubs are more appropriate to use in the first stroke.

The iron

After the first stroke by a wooden club for a long distance hole, say a four or five-par hole, the use of iron golf clubs ensue. Similar to wooden clubs, iron clubs are numbered based on their lofts or angles. Iron clubs with higher numbers mean that they are meant for short distance shots. A golf ball hit by a nine-iron golf club sends it higher but will land on a shorter distance when compared to a ball hit by iron clubs with lower number.

The pitching wedge

After driving with wooden golf clubs and playing around the fairways with iron clubs, the ball may land on the green after the last shot, or may even land into the hole. However, if the ball fails to land on the green and land just outside of the green, then you need to take a shot using a pitching wedge. The discount golf clubs offered by include reliable pitching wedges just right to send that golf ball to the green or even to the hole.

The putter

Golf Clubs

Inside the green took place nerve wrecking shots in almost every game of golf. Whether in a practice game or in the US or British Open Championships, the shots inside the green are usually the deciding factors in determining the winners. That is, when the scores of the players are within reach of one another. Therefore, inside the green, a putter must be reliable to send that golf ball to the hole and win the game.

Most golf courses are constructed in acres of land with lush vegetation. Added to this lush vegetation are water hazards and sand traps or sand bunkers. These bunkers are deliberately and strategically placed within the golf courses to test the guts of players attempting to conquer the courses.

The sand wedge

In a game of golf, it is unfortunate for you if you land the ball into the bunker. To get the ball out of the bunker, you need to use a special club known as the sand wedge. It is especially designed just for that purpose. However, the sand wedge can bring the ball out of the bunker but may not bring the ball far unlike the wooden and iron golf clubs.

If the ball unfortunately lands in the water hazards, you may just “drop” it and take a stroke penalty for that.

In reality, the sport of golf is costly. You need to gather lots of golf equipment and accessories. There are also times when you need to pay membership fees, rental fees for equipment, miscellaneous fees, and use of facilities, among others, if you are a member of a golf association.

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